Monday, December 26, 2016

Sitka Fly Fishing the Salt May 2016

This year am planning two trips to Sitka to fish from the E-Fish-Ncy with Rick, a spring trip and a fall trip, in hopes of catching some new species. This year Robert Fox will be joining us, all three of us plan to fly fish when the conditions are good.
Some of the flies for the trip, A hot pink Non-pelagic squid, a sea lance imitation, a tiger rockfish imitation and a yelloweye imitation.

The first day was pretty choppy and challenging to fish with flies, we stuck with it though. here's a new species for me on a new fly. A Copper Rockfish on a spoon fly.

Both Robert and Rick had proxies so they could fish for people that could not get out to fish. Quite a few of us depend on what we can catch to supplement our diets with healthy, high quality meat and fish. These proxies allow us to catch and bring home more to share. Here's Robert with our first days catch.

 The fishing was pretty hot, many times we had doubles on fly rods....

and triples. Here are two black rockfish caught on flies and Robert is holding one caught on one of my hand painted jigs fished on conventional gear.

Day two, that's my biggest halibut on a fly to date on the left, a twenty five pounder. Rick and I each hooked on to one at the same time. They were fighting pretty good, crossed lines and went on pretty good runs. We were able to get the lines un-crossed  but unfortunately for Rick, his inferior fishing prowess was not enough to get his halibut to the boat :)

The seas were calm most of the time during our five day trip. The E-Fish-Ncy took on a hitchhiker during one of our drifts.

Day three.

Another beautiful day at the cabin. This guy came by on a visit while we were cleaning fish.

Two days in a row this cheeky mink mooched from our fish scraps.
 He just helped himself, ten feet away from us, but his eyes are a little big for his stomach.

This triple was all on flies.

 A Ling Cod on a tiger rockfish imitation.
 Robert with his big fish of the trip, a 25 pound ling cod caught on conventional gear with another one of my handmade jigs, they worked really good.

Another great day, this kind of stuff will spoil you for any other kind of fishing.

Day number four.

Day number five.
Every good thing must come to an end, this is the last evening.

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